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How long should new agents train?

How long does it take for most new contact center agents to get up to speed?

About three months, according to contact center professionals in a recent research report by Omega and Coveo.

About 45% of contact center agents train for three or fewer months before they’re effective, researchers found. About 25% get new agents up and running within six months, and it takes as much as a year for agents at another 25% of contact centers to become efficient.

Every contact center has different training needs, but there are a few ways to shorten the training cycle.

  • Regularly review the material and cut the fluff. One company did it like this: Kept the “must know” info in training and eliminated the “nice to know” info. They saved that for regular, recurring training sessions.
  • Switch it up. Cover the most important topics in a variety of mediums to make the biggest impact on retention. For instance, take agents through privacy rules in the classroom, online and during side-by-side sessions with senior agents.

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