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How employees misuse the technology at their fingertips

When you’re not looking, agents are probably misusing the technology at their fingertips. Here are the top offenses.

Most of them are using social media excessively when they’re supposed to be working, the 2012 Professionalism in the Workplace Study recently found.

Managers and leaders felt these were the top misuses of the IT tools in their workplaces:

  • Excessive use of social media (83%)
  • Text messaging at inappropriate times (82%)
  • Inappropriate internet use (78%)
  • Excessive personal cell phone use (65%)
  • Unauthorized use of company files (8%)

Since most of these misuses are non-work related, leaders can control them. But you may not want to completely clamp down on agents’  social media and Internet wanderings. Other studies show that some mental breaks throughout the day spent on the Internet can boost morale and recharge employees.

If you want to curb some distractions, work with your IT experts to block social media (and all inappropriate) sites at work spaces. Then give agents access to other computers with limited restrictions during breaks.

As far as cell phone and smartphone use, try a policy that restricts or limits their use in work areas.

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