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How do you calculate the cost of training?

Training in the contact center is almost always worth the effort. Still, the bean counters may want to know how much it costs and the return on investment.

When agents are trained well, the return on investment is usually seen in increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales.

According to experts at, the cost can be calculated by considering these important factors:

  • Facilities. Prices vary based on if it’s done on- or off-site, whether you offer food and beverages and/or if its classroom or web-based.
  • Instructors. If instructors are in-house experts, calculate a portion of their salary. If instructors are brought it, remember their travel and/or lodging fees.
  • Participants. Include the costs of their time spent in training and the possibility of their absence on customer service levels.
  • Materials. Include the cost of what’s used during training (handouts, smart boards, laptops, etc.) and what’s used after it (new software, extra tech support, increased demand on trainers’ time, etc.)
  • Communication. Will you spend anything on marketing the training?

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