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How customers will change in 2012

Customers will likely act a little differently next year. Here’s what you can expect.

They’ll probably be more distracted and disgruntled, but will do a better job taking care of the easy issues themselves, according customer service strategist Jeff Mowatt.

Contact centers will want to be ready to:

  • Handle more complex issues. Customers can take care of the easy stuff (orders, delivery status) themselves online these days. They’ll only call with complex issues. What to do: Spend more time training so agents can take on harder questions and issues.
  • Help customers stay focused on conversations. Customers are distracted by technology, life and work. They won’t notice good service. They will remember outstanding experiences. What to do: Don’t just be better, be different. Do something customers will remember and talk about.
  • Handle amplified anger. Social media has intensified word-of-mouth. Upset customers will tell everyone. What to do: Monitor social media and reach out to customers who post about you. Offer to resolve their issues offline.

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