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Customer satisfaction won’t budge: What you can do about it

Customer satisfaction won’t budge – and it could have an impact on the economy. A new study explains why.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index barely moved this quarter, up 0.1% to 75.7 on a 100-point scale.

Historically, a rise in customer satisfaction leads to a rise in consumer spending. However, this quarter’s small increase coupled with an already struggling economy isn’t enough to make any impact on consumer spending, says ACSI researcher Claes Fornell.

Why is this important to contact centers? If agents and centers make efforts to improve satisfaction for their customers, it might possibly impact the ACSI and lead to some economic growth.

One way to improve customer satisfaction: Listen for opportunities to make doing business with you easier. For instance, if one mentions being in a hurry, offer to finish paperwork and follow up later to verify it’s all right.

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