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Hold onto your budget: You don’t have to spend much to motivate

You might be able to stop spending so much on motivation. Here’s why:

Employees like the same stuff that makes kids happy: small awards, lots of praise and frequent recognition.

It’s not just contact center professionals. Globoforce researchers found even the highest earners are motivated by a few hundred bucks, sincere praise and a simple thank-you – especially if it comes as a surprise.

Three keys to rewards that motivate:

  1. Make sure 80% to 90% of employees get some reward every year – not because everyone is a winner; because everyone deserves recognition if just for doing the job right.
  2. Don’t go crazy with the cash. Globoforce found a $110 prize is significant to any employee.
  3. Make it frequent. Some studies suggest at least 5% of employees should be awarded weekly.

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