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Has Twitter revolutionized Service?

‘Tweeting” is the new buzz in Customer Service. But is Twitter really the best or fastest way customers are getting help these days?

In short, no.

Some customer service Twitter incidents may have been widely publicized, but they’re rare, not the norm, new Fortune research found. Granted, the research isn’t exactly scientific, but it’s strong enough to suggest in most cases customers are better off calling.

Researchers tweeted, e-mailed and called eight different companies. Each was asked a question pertaining to the individual company that couldn’t be answered by an FAQ and wasn’t complex. In all cases but one, researchers got the fastest, most accurate answer from a contact center agent on the phone.

What’s this mean to your contact center? Stay staffed to take calls. Use social media to build a community of customers and fix small issues from the limited number of customers who will inquire via tweet.

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