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6 habits of highly unsuccessful people

No one wants to fail in the contact center. But some habits are telltale signs that success isn’t in the future.

To continue to succeed in your contact center, you’ll want to avoid these habits, which workplace expert Faith Wood has found are common traits of employees who often fail to succeed.

  1. Telling others they’re wrong. Calling attention to mistakes and missteps suggests you have infinite wisdom. Instead, unless you’re the boss, learn from others’ mistakes and offer help and advice only when asked for it.
  2. Ignoring criticism. Unsuccessful people often think no one knows better than them and their way is the only way. Instead, take constructive criticism with grace, use the offered ideas to improve how you operate.
  3. Being late. Making people wait for you to arrive (to work, for a meeting, on a conference call, etc.) sends a message that others’ time isn’t important. Instead, schedule yourself to be five minutes early for everything.
  4. Letting a cell phone interrupt. The ringing, buzzing, chiming and subsequent, “I better take this” are rude to those who are present. And so is texting while talking to people face-to-face. Instead, keep the phone on silence when in work settings.
  5. Shirking responsibility. Unsuccessful people often succeed at one thing – getting others to do their work. When they fail to do it, others must pick up the slack. Instead, ask for help or guidance when you need it. Plus, offer to help others who need it.
  6. Failing to apologize. Many unsuccessful people think they do no wrong, so they don’t need to apologize. Instead, acknowledge your mistakes and apologize to those affected by them.

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