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Great ways to lose sales

Salespeople get a lot of advice about what they must do to keep their customers and find new ones in a tough economy. Some salespeople are guilty of “inactions” that hurt their results.

Here are four of them:

  1. They wait for things to “happen.” Some salespeople wait for a call back from a prospect, wait for people to call in, wait until a proposal is developed, wait for a quote, wait for a referral or wait for a decision. This “waiting” wastes time and money. Selling is an active profession, not a passive one.
  2. They think positive rather than acting positive. At sales meetings, they talk a good game and seem to buy into all of the motivation and helpful tips they receive. When they get in front of prospects, they allow negative vibes to creep in: Why should this prospect drop a current supplier? How can I match that price? Prospects pick up on indecision or lack of confidence quickly.
  3. They don’t strategize their presentations. Although each sale situation may be different, there are certain things that occur over and over. Successful salespeople use what has worked, correct what hasn’t and apply that knowledge to future presentations.
  4. They complain about poor leads, the economy, the credit department or the sales manager. There’s no time for laying blame or complaining about why sales aren’t made. Salespeople are in charge of the process and should lead and act to make things happen.

Adapted from Selling When No One is Buying (Adams Media, Avon, MA) by Stephan Schiffman. Mr. Schiffman is president of DEI Management Group, NYC.

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