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Give the interns a rest: Software will scan Facebook

If you rely on interns (or other young workers) to support customers via Facebook, you might be able to give them a rest now.

Software has emerged to monitor social media sites for your company.

For now, most companies still have employees who are savvy with social media manually scan sites such as Facebook and Twitter. When posts are found, the employees respond – solving problems, answering questions or suggesting fixes.

New Parature software can take the manual search out of the picture.  Contact center reps at Rosetta Stone, the first company to automate customer support on Facebook with the software, monitor wall conversations, posts and comments. Then they can respond when needed. Plus, contact center and marketing leaders can gather real-time customer feedback.

The software also lets Rosetta Stone customers search a bank of information or chat directly with agents who can give personalized help directly through Facebook.

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