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Get more calls returned by doing this

Customers – and co-workers, for that matter – will return your calls if you do this one thing. Leave a better voice mail message.

Most people ramble too fast, give too much or not enough detail or sound unenthusiastic when they leave messages. So customers don’t listen to the whole message, much less return the call.

Here’s the best way to leave a message:

  1. Get to the point. Be prepared to get voice mail before you dial.  Plan the details you need to relay or request.
  2. Leave your full contact info and the best time to call. Include your full name – and spell it if the message is for someone you’ve never met – number, including area code, and e-mail address if it’s something they’ll need.
  3. Repeat vitals. Before you hang up, repeat your name and phone number slowly so they don’t have to repeat the message to get the details.
  4. Avoid a call back. If you’re just relaying information, let customers or co-workers know they don’t need to return your call.

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