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3 must-haves for every customer experience

New initiatives, streamlined processes and rewards programs won’t impress customers if these smaller details aren’t on the mark. 

Here are three important communication fundamentals that, when consistently executed, set a foundation for strong customer satisfaction and loyalty. Anyone involved in the customer experience will want to follow these best practices:

1. Listen

One of customers’ biggest complaints about dealing with companies is that no one seems to listen to or care about them. They aren’t just talking about suggestions they make that are ignored or changes they request that aren’t made.

Their complaint is that the person who should be helping them is distracted — perhaps by technology, another person or apathy.

Best practice: Anyone who deals directly with customers should eliminate distractions so they can hear or read what’s said. Then they want to ask questions to clarify before moving forward.

2. Share

Customer service should not just be a reactive function. Yet, reacting to demands of customers takes so much time that companies don’t share enough regular, new information.

That’s especially harmful to credibility if information that affects customers in any negative way is delayed before it reaches them.

Best practice: Sharing updated information about your company, products, services and situations that affect customers must be a primary responsibility of one employee or department. Then the person or department needs to create a plan to proactively contact customers with news and helpful information. They also must create a communication plan for emergency situations.

3. Demonstrate values

Customers want to do business with companies and people who communicate what they believe in and practice it.

For instance, if a company says it values one-on-one relationships with customers and only provides a toll-free number and an anonymous email address for contact, it’s not demonstrating what it claims it believes in. Instead, to live up to its values, the company should offer customers direct contact to service and/or sales pros.

Best practice: Make sure customer service and sales practices follow the expectations you set. Sales, Customer Service and Marketing should meet regularly to review promises made, values shared and goals envisioned. Then they can determine if any regular practices or procedures fall short of the established values.

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