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Four ways to deal with jerks in your contact center

Got jerks? Of course, you do – everyone works with at least one.

Almost 40% of employees say they’ve been bullied at work, a Workplace Bullying Institute and Zogby International study found.

Don’t let workplace jerks spread their poison any further. Try:

  • Exposing them. Call them out in front of others. When they say or do something that’s cruel or unacceptable, say, “That’s against our office code. Please don’t do it again.”
  • Standing up. Turning a blind eye to jerks’ behavior may work for some time, but it only gives them permission to continue it. Tell jerks they’re mean or offensive instead of ignoring it.
  • Teaching them. When they say mean or inappropriate things, pull them aside and tell them what would’ve been a better thing to say.
  • Preparing for the worst. If they don’t stop being jerks, know who needs to know about the behavior and tell them. If you’re the manager, lay out the disciplinary plan.

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