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Four common non-words to avoid

Watch out, contact center pros: You may be hurting your credibility with customers if you use these common words that aren’t really words.

You don’t want to write them in e-mail or chat, and you don’t want to use them when talking on the phone.

  • Irregardless. The correct word is “regardless.” The only time it was OK to use was when the National Guard in Erie, PA, was called up to duty in World War II, and it left “Erie guardless!”
  • Alot. It’s always two words: A lot.
  • Alright. Again, it’s always two words: All right.
  • Nevermind. It’s actually an outdated American noun that means to notice, as in “I don’t give his tirades nevermind.” In today’s world, it’s two written words: “Never mind the last invoice. We’ll issue a new one.”

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