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First time meeting a new prospect? 5 all-important questions

You know the saying about first impressions. Here’s how to make them good and lasting by asking these four questions:

  • What do you know about my company? The prospect may have a favorable or unfavorable view of your company. If the prospect expresses negative feelings, you can clear up those issues. If he or she has positive feelings, closing the sale may be that much easier.
  • Have you ever used our products or services? If not, do you know someone who has? This information may get you a reaction to your product or service. “No” answers to both questions will give you an opportunity to bring up testimonials from your current customers.
  • Have you ever considered a need for our products or services? This question is for the prospect who is not currently using the products or services you’re offering. It’s usually not a good idea to ask this question too early in your presentation. It gives your prospect an opportunity to end the meeting abruptly before you get a chance to establish a relationship. Once you’re established a friendly atmosphere, the answer to this question may allow you to explain the value of your product or service.
  • What product or service are you currently using? This is a good question to ask near the end of your first meeting. Prospects won’t usually feel threatened if you ask this question in a friendly tone. The answer may help you estimate the potential of the account and give you the name of your competitor.

Tim Connor is a sales trainer, consultant and speaker. He can be reached at 800-222-9070.


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