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How to encourage agents when they’re disheartened

When morale dips, or agents become disheartened, leaders need to step up their encouragement quotient. Here’s a four-step plan to do that.

Whether agents have fallen short of a goal or are discouraged by setbacks, contact center leaders can encourage these actions recommended by Business Know-how expert Meredith Bell:

  1. Listen. Before offering advice on how agents can see the bright side, listen to their worries so you can understand how they’re feeling.
  2. Affirm their emotions. One fast way to discourage people even more is to tell them, “You shouldn’t feel like that.” Instead, focus on what agents do well and how they can use those skills to overcome the current situation. You might say, “I can understand why you’re frustrated. And I know how you excelled the last time we changed software. Remember when you …”
  3. Offer perspective. Sometimes when people are down, they only see the negative side of things. Remind them of the opportunities that lie in the current challenge. You might say, “I know this is a big, daunting project. When we accomplish the goal, we will certainly be up for ‘Department of The Year’ award.”
  4. Give support. Tell agents who are discouraged that they aren’t facing the situation alone. Remind them of the resources at hand and what you can do to assist them along the way.

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