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Elements every rewards and recognition plan must include

Customer service professionals are often unsung heroes in any organization. So to keep them happy, it’s especially important to build rewards and recognition programs properly. Here are five research-backed keys.

Whether your group of customer care professionals is 15- or 1,500-strong, the Ascent Group recommends making sure your reward and recognition program:

1. Reinforces the right behaviors and rewards results

When service pros go beyond the call of duty or perform above all expectations, recognize them publicly so everyone else can learn from their success. Then reward appropriately:

  • Large rewards should be reserved for major accomplishments that everyone knows are the ultimate goals.
  • Smaller, fun rewards should be given out more liberally.

2. Is delivered timely and specifically

Recognition and rewards need to be handed out quickly after accomplishments so employees connect the two.

It’s also smart to communicate successes weekly through multiple channels like the company Intranet, staff meetings and daily internal emails.

3. Meets employee expectations

Every employee is unique and motivated by different things, so rewards should be customized to their likings as much as possible.

One idea: Survey employees quarterly to find out their greatest interests — such as hobbies, restaurants, post-work activities and cash vs. time for rewards.

4. Involves the front-line pros’ input

The best plans give the people who are being rewarded and recognized a voice in what is measured. It inspires them to try harder to reach goals.

The best plan is to get feedback before, during and after reward programs.

5. Measures the effectiveness

Every program should be tied to some form of measurable performance that metric. Then make sure that the behavior, task or process being measured improves over the course of time.

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