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Don’t make this service mistake – putting all your eggs in one basket

Many companies are getting lower customer satisfaction scores because they’ve put almost all of their eggs in one basket. Here’s what’s happened and how to avoid their mistakes.

The good news is many online businesses did a great job helping customers over the phone and through email or chat during the recent holiday season. And many did a fine job providing an effective website for customers.

Problem is, 60% couldn’t get great scores on both fronts, a STELLAService and Compuware study just found. As much as they tried to meet customer demands in one area, many customer service operations let other areas slip.

Many retailers “risked lost revenue opportunities by not meeting shoppers’ website performance satisfaction demands or customer service expectations,”  said Jonathan Ranger, Gomez Benchmark Practice Director at Compuware. Now they “need to develop clear strategies to provide fast and reliable website performance and effective customer service for customers across all channels.”

Customers want the whole package – great service over the phone and an effective, friendly website. Contact center agents can help with both by:

  • Navigating sites with customers on the phone as they ask questions and look for the right products.
  • Giving regular feedback to website designers on what customers tell them about the site – where they became confused, what they liked, what they found easy, etc.

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