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Do your customers have 1,461 days to change their minds?

Customers are a fickle bunch. But do you give them almost 1,500 days to change their minds? Here’s one company that does.

Zappos, the online company with one of the best service reputations, is already loved by customers for its 365-day return policy. Today, it gave customers a “leap” of faith.

Customers who buy from Zappos on this Leap Day have until next February 29 to return items they don’t want. Of course, the next February 29 is in 2016.

Sure, it’s a one-day promotion meant to make customers smile (for the deal and the fun of it).

Still, there are a few things every company and contact center can take from it.

  1. Have fun with customers. Lighthearted promotions keep customers coming back.
  2. Trust customers. Zappos’ regular return policy suggests they feel customers are honest (i.e., won’t use the products they buy and send them back a few months later, trying to cheat the company). Only a small number of customers try to cheat a company. You don’t want to enforce policies that punish the majority.
  3. Wow customers. That’s part of Zappos’ core values. Employees don’t use scripts when helping customers. Instead, they let their personalities shine through to build lasting relationships.

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