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5 Olympic traits you don’t want agents to mimic

Employees can be nearly as competitive as Olympic athletes. But is their competitiveness good or bad for the contact center?

Nearly half of all leaders in a recent OfficeTeam survey said their employees have become more competitive with each other in the last several years.

Healthy competition is often a good thing for meeting goals and building morale in a contact center. But some agents can take it too far with a win-at-no-cost attitude.

Here are five competitor employees who might go over the line trying to win – and what you can do to handle them best.

  • The pole vaulter jumps to take on the high-profile assignments, leaving the back office jobs to everyone else. Tip: Ask for volunteers for key assignments and assign according to strengths. In some cases, ask wallflowers to take on something the vaulter might try to do.
  • The boxer has a jab for everyone in the office – snide remarks, sarcastic email, muttered insults. The boxer tries to bring down everyone. Tip: Ask the boxer for solutions when complaints or snide remarks are made.
  • The sprinter aims to be the first one done, even if the results are sloppy. Tip: Don’t let the sprinter cut corners to get ahead of others. Ask him to double-check work or work with people who are more thorough on projects.
  • The gymnast will bend and twist facts to make sure she and her work is seen in the best light. She may try to flip around others’ accomplishments. Tip: Make her accountable for her work. Ask her to document what she’s done and how she did it so there’s little room for embellishing the truth.
  • The marathoner will go on and on – at the water cooler or a friend’s cubicle, that is, talking gossip and “big fish” stories. He will use office politics to get ahead, rather than his own abilities. Tip: Take what he says with a grain of salt. Ask him to back up his ideas with facts.

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