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Do customers want to ‘chat’ with you?

Do customers on your website want to chat or be left alone?

Go ahead, reach out.

More than half of customers would accept a proactive chat invitation while they shopped online, a Bold Software survey recently found. Even better, 72% of the big spenders – who put out $150 or more – were receptive to online chat invitations.

Just like in a retail store setting, customers are often reluctant to ask for help. But when a customer service pro offers help, they’re happy to take it.

If you don’t have online, real-time chat abilities yet, you can still make a good service impact on customers who are using your website. Some keys:

  • Make sure the customer service number is prominent on all of your company’s website pages, and
  • Post e-mail addresses for several employees on the contact page. Even better, post photos beside the addresses so customers know they’re reaching out to real people.

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