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Do customers want to b!*ch or praise when they fill out surveys?

Good news: Customers don’t just want to b!*ch when they do your surveys. Here are the real reasons.

Most customers (57%) want to share good experiences when they respond on paper, in person, online or over the phone, a Chadwick Martin Bailey study just found. The other top reasons:

  • 50% to improve the company
  • 45% for discounts
  • 40% for entrance into a contest
  • 39% to praise a specific employee
  • 37% to upgrade to better products or services
  • 35% to file a complaint, and
  • 28% to get a free gift.

Any survey – whether you use incentives such as free gifts or upgrades – should aim to gather candid feedback.

The key to continuing to get survey responses: Use the feedback to improve service and the contact center based on what customers like or don’t like – and let customers know what you’ve done with their responses.

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