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Customers talk: Do they say good things or bad?

When it comes to service, do you believe the old adage “Good news travels fast, and bad news travels faster?”

This answer may surprise you. Good news is more likely to travel, recent research found.

As many as 75% of customers are very likely to talk positively about a company after good experiences with contact centers, the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer found. Meanwhile, only 59% of customers are likely to squawk after a bad experience.

That’s even more incentive to give customers the best possible experience when they contact you: Their word of mouth is one of your contact center’s best way to increase business.

To get the word out:

  • Remind customers to tell others about you. At the end of conversations, say, “Please tell your colleagues and family about us.”
  • Ask them if you can use their name to spread the word. Keep a referral list and ask customers who compliment you if you can put them in contact with potential or new customers who have questions.
  • Put their words out there. When customers give written accolades, ask if you can publish them on the company website or in literature.

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