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Do customers consider you a necessary evil or friend?

The truth hurts: Some customers think dealing with your contact center is a necessary evil and here’s why.

Many contact centers aren’t customer-centric – and the people asking for your help can tell.

How do you know – and more importantly, how do customers know – if you revolve around them? Check if you have these 10 characteristics of a customer intimate organization, as defined by Vanguard Communications Corporation research. You …

  1. Create a memorable experience.
  2. Focus on what you can achieve in line with what your company provides and customers need.
  3. Empower and engage frontline customer service pros.
  4. Let customers personalize their experiences based on the channels they use.
  5. Celebrate customers every day through special recognition.
  6. Collaborate with other parts of the business and share customer knowledge.
  7. Seize all opportunities to get closer to customers.
  8. Promote and embody your products and services.
  9. Maintain and champion customers’ perspective.
  10. Balance customer intimacy with operational metrics.

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