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Can you keep customers happy on a budget? 3 ways it’s been done

Can you cut costs and still keep customers happy? New research and proven tactics show how it has been done.

Even better, you can use these tactics in your own contact center.

Here’s how some companies sustain or even improve great customer service on a tight budget:

  1. Be aggressive. Picking up the phone or answering an email almost always costs more than telling customers what they need to know before they have to ask. That’s why Anand Subramaniam, VP of Marketing at eGain, has set up small and large contact center operations with preemptive, automated calls and email messages. Some outgoing calls included information on important product recalls, warranty expiration and upcoming appointments – and they’ve all reduced call volume.
  2. Put more information at agents’ hands. Agents can deliver a more personal experience if they know as much as possible about customers, their buying habits, plus a little on their personal lives. One way: Leave an area in every customers’ account to record a nugget of information about them – perhaps a preference, important date or upcoming event. An example: Subramaniam worked with one bank that used its database of customers’ birthdates (needed to open an account) to have Happy Birthday” messages printed on ATM receipts at the appropriate time. It cost next to nothing to print, but added a memorable, personal touch.
  3. Do more online. Email between service pros and customers costs about half what a phone call does, Subramaniam has found. Chat and other web-based service options are a fraction of that. It pays off quickly to refer customers to email addresses. But this is the first priority with electronic help: Agents need to answer messages personally and quickly to maintain the personal touch customers crave.

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