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Customers want to be sold solutions, not products

Trying to push a product or service without identifying problems customers are experiencing doesn’t work in today’s competitive market. Here are some tips to help you improve your team’s solution-selling abilities:

  1. Study hard. We all know it’s not a good idea to waste prospects’ time by presenting them with products they can’t use. Researching prospects carefully and asking pre-qualifying questions is the best way to make sure the product you’re selling has value for a particular prospect.
  2. Reinforce value. Show your prospect how your product or service can make money for him or her. Reinforcing value is something that must be done consistently to minimize the impact of price. Look for ways to show the value of your products or services. Make the benefits tangible to demonstrate their real worth.
  3. Anticipate objections in a positive way. Preparation means being ready for any type of objection, especially price. Anticipation allows you to maintain a more positive mental attitude because you won’t be thrown off guard by an objection. You know and accept that objections will happen.
  4. Check the prospect’s comparisons. If he or she is making a comparison with another product, is it an apples-to-apples situation? Be prepared to explain the differences if the product yours is being compared to is not exactly in the same ballpark.

Adapted from the book “Little Green Book of Selling Getting Your Way,” by Jeffrey Gitomer, a sales consultant.

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