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Customers say these are the most annoying automated responses

Customers tolerate automated phone menus. But if yours include any of these lines, their tolerance will disappear.

Here’s what frustrates customers most when they get your IVR – and alternatives phrases to try:

  • “Please listen carefully as our menu has changed.” Customers know quite well it’s an attempt to stop them from pressing 0 for an agent immediately. Instead: Give them an option to talk to an agent right away. It’ll improve satisfaction – really.
  • “Please listen to the following options.” They will without being prompted. Instead: Just give the options.
  • “You can find information on our website at …” Customers probably know that. Instead: Tell them exactly what they can find (order history, one-click ordering, product specs, etc.)
  • “Your call is important to us.” If they have to wait a long time, this phrase is hard to believe. Instead: Update them on how much longer they’ll wait or offer to call back at their convenience.

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