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Customers’ 5 scariest emotions: The best responses

You’re not a psychologist – but you likely have to decipher people’s emotions quite a bit. And here’s how to deal with the bundle of emotions customers bring to you every day.

A lot can be heard in the tone customers use. For instance, a customer may say “everything is fine,” but his or her monotone voice suggests something isn’t right.

In cases like that, it’s better to respond to the emotion, not just the words.

Know what to say and when

Here are the five most common emotions customers have when they contact your customer service or sales professionals, how to identify them and what to say in response:

1. Anger

Angry customers will likely speak loudly and slowly with a cold tone.

A good response:

  • “I can hear that you’re angry about … and I’d like to remedy this situation,” or
  • “I can tell you’re upset, and I’d like to start helping now.”

2. Disappointment

Customers dealing with disappointment give short responses in a quiet voice — “Oh,” “OK,” “Yeah.”

 A good response:

  • “This is disappointing, but I’m sure we can make something else work.”

3. Frustration

Frustrated customers will talk quickly, with a tone that grows intense.

A good response:

  • “I’m sure this situation is frustrating you,” or
  • “It must be frustrating to have an experience like that.”

4. Satisfaction

The tone of satisfied customers’ voices take on a lightness, and they likely use positive words.

A good response:

  • “I’m so glad you’re happy with this,” or
  • “I’m happy we could satisfy you.”

5. Appreciation

The tone of appreciative customers is happy, and they continually thank you.

A good response:

  • “Thanks for giving me this opportunity to help you.”

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