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5 customers who’ll contact you this week – and how to help ’em

If you’re prepared for these customers, you can deliver seriously personalized service that keeps them all happy.

Yes, every customer is unique – and each of them wants you to know that and treat them as such – but almost all of them fall into a personality category.

Here are the most common types and the best ways to help them, according to customer service and sales expert Mark Hunter:


These are probably a small portion of your customer base, but they’re the most important: They usually account for a major part of your sales and profits. Because they contact you often, they’re usually well known. On one hand, they might be easier to serve because you know their likes and dislikes. But on the other hand, because of their familiarity with your business, they might be extra demanding.

Help them like this: Get their feedback more often than other customers and use it to improve in ways they prefer.


These customers make buying decisions based on the lowest prices. They will probably leave you in a heartbeat for a better price. They may even be a costly customer because they will return products when they find something at a lower price. On the bright side, they usually don’t make any bones about it: They want the best price so you know what you’re dealing with.

Help them like this: Lead them right to what’s on sale. Let them know about promotions.

Impulse buyers

They don’t tend to put a lot of thought and research into their purchases — instead, they buy spontaneously. That’s good because they’ll spend. It’s bad because they often have buyers’ remorse and might blame you for allowing them to make poor choices.

Help them like this: Listen for unspoken wants and needs so you can help them make good purchasing decisions — so they won’t regret them later or dislike your organization for allowing them to buy something that isn’t a good fit. Also, speak up. If you think they’re going to buy something that doesn’t fit their needs, tell them.


These customers only come around when they need something specific from your organization. They don’t see you as a supplier beyond that single need.

Help them like this: Go the extra mile for these customers as much as possible. The more you impress them, the more likely they are to think of you as a provider for more products and services in the future.


They end up with you for no certain reason. They stumbled upon your company and probably won’t come back — unless you wow them now.

How to help them: Give them the right experience, and they’ll likely come back for more. If you spend extra time making sure they understand how your company, products and services work, they’ll be delighted. And if they don’t come back, they will at least tell others about the great experience.

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