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Customer satisfaction rises thanks to this …

Customers are happier — and we can thank e-business for the spike in customer satisfaction. 

Scores in the e-business sector of The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) rose slightly to 74.4 on a 100-point scale.

The quarterly ACSI is a national benchmark of customer satisfaction across industries. The newest scores mark a significant increase for social media, which ranked among the worst in all industries just a year ago. That niche’s score rose 4.2%, while satisfaction with search engines and information sites dropped 5%.

“Today’s consumers practically live on their smartphones, and mobile compatibility is increasingly important to customer satisfaction,” says Claes Fornesll, ACSI Chairman and Founder. “Social media has made strides in improving the mobile experiences, particularly through apps that can be optimized by operating systems to ensure better compatibility.”

Building better apps

Customers are increasingly attached to their mobile devices. Those handhelds aren’t just a tool, they’re a way of life. So almost all customer experiences can benefit from improvements to or an addition of mobile app offerings.

Here are five ways you can maximize your mobile app efforts:

  1. Listen. Mobile app users could provide the closest to real-time feedback you’ve ever had. You can use that feedback to improve any experience. Include in-app feedback forms.
  2. Engage. Customers often turn to apps for fast answers and information at the moment they need them. In-app wall chats allow customers to ask questions and get answers from you — or other customers involved with your products and services.
  3. Connect. Even the best apps leave customers wanting for more. Make it easy for them to call, text or email straight from the app by tapping on an icon to start communicating on one of those channels.
  4. Diversify. Apps today allow you to offer multiple types of information — and customers seek out that variety. Add podcasts, briefs, product updates, etc. Just be sure to keep them fresh and brief.
  5. Personalize. Use the power of mobility to personalize offers, promotions and information. Target notifications based on customers’ locations so you they get information where and when they need it most.

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