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Top 5 factors to gain customer loyalty (infographic)

If you want to improve customer loyalty, here are the five areas where you need to focus. 

No. 1: Customer service.

Almost three-quarters of customers say they’re most likely to stay loyal to a company if they get good service, according to research from

The top factors this year prove fundamental business factors are still at the core of customer loyalty:

  • Good Customer Service (71%)
  • Consistently low prices (56%) 
  • Loyalty program (50%) 
  • Discount codes (50%) 
  • Free gifts (40%) 

“Respecting your customers by offering good service and competitive pricing is always a reliable way to attract and retain customers. Additional factors like discount codes (linked to low prices), loyalty schemes, and freebies can act as the lowlevel awareness that keeps your business in the minds of customers, and means they come back to you as opposed to heading for competitors,” researchers said. 

But note: Generations care differently about the top five factors. So when you’re deciding where to make your biggest efforts, you might want to consider the demographics of your customers.

Here’s a closer look at the research:


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