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What’s your ‘customer experience’?: 3 tips for defining it

Have you ever defined the customer experience you want your customers to have? If you don’t, they may not like the experience as much as you’d hoped.

By defining your ideal customer experience, you set the stage for what each person and department needs to do to make the best things possible happen for customers. Companies and departments can create their mission, goals and training around that experience.

For example, the Disney Store defined its customer experience as “The best 30 minutes of a child’s day.” Have you been in a Disney Store lately? If so, you’ve probably seen that every employee is doing something to make each child’s experience the best part of their day.

In Disney Store’s case, defining and delivering that customer experience is a portal to other revenue: When kids are happy, parents can hear and think about parks, cruises and vacations.

Defining yours

Try these three steps to define the experience you want your customers to have — and then move on to how you can create it every time.

  1. Start with the end in mind. Figure out how you want customers to feel after they’ve dealt with your people, products and/or services.
  2. Make it memorable. Every experience should create a good image of your company in customers’ minds.
  3. Make it doable. Consider the resources you have in place to make the experience happen.

Source: Paul Hagen, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, spoke at the IQPC Customer Experience Summit in Miami.

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