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Why the contact center holds the key to the company’s success

Contact center agents make a bigger impact on the company’s bottom line than anyone ever imagined. Here’s why.

More than 90% of customers in an Ernan Roman Direct Marketing survey said their willingness to buy again from a company increases when they have an excellent experience with a contact center agent.

That makes every call or email from a customer an opportunity to delight customers and encourage them to buy more. And agents can do that without even trying to sell products or services.

Agents just want to take steps to make every call or email message memorable. They can:

  • Offer personal help. Before agents say goodbye, they should say, “Again, my name is Sue. You can call (or email) me anytime for help.”
  • Follow up on complaints. Don’t let dissatisfied customers just walk away. Contact them a day after a complaint to make sure the fix worked. If they were on the fence about buying from you again, this call will gain back their loyalty.
  • Make them feel special. Tell customers who make a request, “You’re such a good customer. I’m happy to do it for you.” It’s music to their ears even if they only made a routine request.

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