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Social Media for Customer Service Summit

    A practical and interactive business conference that will deliver best practice on customer service for brand loyalty, customer acquisition and reputation management. Join 20+ leading brands like Best Buy, Citi, McDonalds and JetBlue as they answer your questions in 14 interactive sessions.  Save 20% with code CCP20 when registering.

Why customers buy over the phone

Contact center agents: Don’t fear selling. Customers buy over the phone for five good reasons.

7 illnesses every contact center agent faces

Contact center work is stressful and can be dangerous to your health. Here are the top seven illnesses found in contact centers and how you can avoid them:

Never hear ‘This is so boring’ again

When work gets mundane, here are ways to breathe new life into the contact center.

Product Profile

Have your company listed for free in our product profile section. Find out more about product profiles by checking out our one page guide. For more information contact: Kate Breen 610-695-8600 x167

Michele McGovern

Michele has been the editor-in-chief of The Customer Service Advantage newsletter for more than 11 years and has been the managing editor of What’s Working in Sales Management. During her 11-year tenure at PBP she has launched newsletters. Michele is also an editor of the Communications Update e-zine, which is read by more than 147,000 […] [MORE]

Carol Katarsky

Prior to joining PBP, Carol was the founding editor of Promotional Marketing magazine. Carol has extensive experience covering business beats ranging from finance to environmental management and almost everything in between. She is currently the managing editor of several print and Web-based publications, including FinanceTechNews, CFODailyNews and Keep Up to Date on Accounts Payable. She […] [MORE]

Reducing opt-outs while gaining trust

Worried that a prominent opt-out link in an e-mail may encourage more prospects to unsubscribe? Don’t be.