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The close is the most important part of the sale. It’s when prospects sign on the dotted line and cross over to becoming customers. Closing is an art that needs to be mastered. It involves making the customer feel comfortable – not just with a product or service, but also with the organization they’re dealing with.

How to say less and still build more sales

Today’s constant barrage of information may leave prospects and customers bewildered and exhausted. According to a study at the University of California, the average American consumes 100,500 words on an average day. 

8 steps to closing any sale

Sales is not mystical or mysterious. It follows a logical progression. 

Ways to tell stories that turn prospects into customers

Many sales presentations are boring, banal and inert. These offensive qualities are troublesome for today’s busy prospects who may have short attention spans.

The language of selling

Every industry has its own terminology that generates jargon. 

Solve customer problems and make more sales

The best salespeople don’t try to solve problems for customers. Instead, they solve problems with customers. 

4 ways to find out what your customers want

Some businesses base their selling efforts on guesswork and intuition. But those who are the most successful develop in-depth knowledge about customers and tailor their selling efforts to address customers’ needs and goals. 

5 keys to a successful negotiation

When negotiating with customers, your doubts can be your worst enemies. 

Mastering the art of the soft sell, hard sell

In selling, as in martial arts, there are times when being aggressive is the only way to close the deal. At other times, a softer approach is the way to go. 

7 qualities top closers can all say they have

Even though it’s impossible to replicate what makes a top salesperson perform at such a high level, there are traits many superstars share that other salespeople can use to close more sales. 

The key to a successful selling career

Rare indeed is the salesperson who can close a sale in one or two contacts.