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Top 10 CX stories of 2020

Before we turn the page on 2020, let’s look at what worked in this unprecedented year – the stories our CXI readers touched most. The top-rated stories were full of expert advice, real-life strategies and best practices in customer experience, sales and service. Better things are ahead in 2021, and these timely stories will help […] [MORE]

3 ways to build customer trust in the new year

One more casualty of 2020: Customer trust.

3 things customers need most from you now

Customer experience pros: Crank up the empathy! It’s one thing customers need more than ever from you now.

5 customer service lessons from the late Tony Hsieh

If you’ve been writing – and reading – about customer service as long as I have, you know the late Zappos founder Tony Hsieh was a pillar in this field. His ideas and ideals hold true today. Hsieh pioneered the new customer experience. I covered a conference where he spoke more than a decade ago, […] [MORE]

5 ways to retain more customers in 2021

Customer experience professionals might be the most valuable players in their company’s success in 2021. You hold the key to customer retention.

How to deal with negative people

When you work with customers, you anticipate you’ll deal with a cranky one from time to time. But this year has generated a lot of negativity – and you likely face more crankiness than ever. 

5 ways to show customers thankfulness

Whether 2020 hurt or helped you, customers are the linchpin that kept businesses running. So this could be the most important year ever to thank them. 

Avoid 4 mistakes that cost you customers

Ever wonder why customers don’t come back after they were wooed by Sales and impressed by Service? You might have made one of these mistakes that cost companies customers every day. 

5 ways video can improve the customer experience

Even the camera-shy can use video to make the customer experience better. Here’s why you want to add more video to the experience – and five tips to maximize the efforts. 

5 tips to help remote staff deliver great customer experiences

If your CX employees are stressed and burned out from working through COVID-19, can you imagine the kind of customer experience they provide some days?