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Can poor service really lead to crime?

Would customers do something illegal against your company just because they got poor service?

Unfortunately, yes.

More than half of customers in an Accenture study said poor service would more likely cause them to commit a crime – in this study, fraud – against the company that gave it.

Customers didn’t actually say they would commit the non-violent crime, but a poor service experience might make them think about it more.

So call center pros want to make sure customers are satisfied when they hang up. Keys:

  • Listen for disappointment. Customers who don’t say thank you or sound pleasant, probably aren’t happy with the outcome.
  • Ask questions to gauge satisfaction at the end of conversations: “Are you satisfied with how this turned out?” “What’s one thing we could’ve done better?” “Based on your experience today, will you come back to us?”
  • Follow up. Dissatisfaction doesn’t always set in immediately. Check with customers a day after a complex or troubling situation to be sure they’re still satisfied. If not, make adjustments.

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