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5 tips to build customer loyalty

Good salespeople and great service professionals are the key ingredients to customer loyalty. Here are five ways they can come together to build it. 

It’s important to work together because customer loyalty is on the line every day. There are too many readily available options. Customers can switch products and providers without you even realizing it.

But they won’t be easily persuaded away from people – the sales and service professionals who’ve helped them happily, says Noah Fleming, author of Evergreen.

They’ll continue to do business with people they like and trust.

Fleming offers these five strategies for building loyalty through teamwork between Sales and Service:

1. Be the problem-solver

Show customers a “we’re here to solve your problems” attitude. The best way: Give customers a positive response when they run into problems or have questions.

Even if you can’t answer the question or fix the problem immediately, you can ease their concerns and come to a compromise on how and when the situation can be resolved – as long as you approach it with a positive attitude.

2. Build individual relationships

The more you can make customers feel like you know them well, the more they’ll feel like they are the center of your business universe.

Use the words “I,” “my” and “me” when talking with – and especially when helping – them so they know a person, not a corporation, is on their side.

For instance, “I’ll take care of this,” “I can do that,” “It’s my pleasure to help you” and “Thank you for letting me help.”

3. Make it easier to do business

Fleming suggests you avoid loyalty-killers at all cost. Those include these phrases:

  • That’s our policy
  • It doesn’t look like we can do that
  • You’ll have to …
  • You shouldn’t, or
  • You should have …

Instead, practice flexibility as much as possible. Try these phrases:

  • Let me see what I can do
  • I bet we can find a solution to this
  • I can do X. Would you be able to do Y?, and
  • Let’s try it this way.

4. Make realistic promises

When the competition is tough, or you’re under pressure to perform, it’s tempting to over-promise. That almost always leads to under-delivering.

The best bet: Be realistic with customers at all times. Tell them what you can ideally do, and explain what might interfere with that and how you’ll work to avoid it.

And don’t be afraid to tell customers, “We can’t do it.” As Fleming says, it’s not the same as “We can’t help you.” You can build their confidence in you and your organization by helping them find the solutions they need – whether it’s what you can provide immediately, later or through another channel.

Customers appreciate honesty over broke promises.

5.  Give them new ideas

Whether you’re in Sales or Service, you’re the expert on your products or services and how to maximize their use. You’re likely an expert in your industry because of experience and hands-on knowledge.

Share insight you’ve gained in those areas with customers to give them new ideas on how to work, run their business or live better.

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