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Boost morale today with these four fresh ideas

Here are four ways to boost morale in your contact center today – and every day.

They come from workplace motivation expert Jody Urquhart:

  1. Insist on respectfulness. Rude behavior instantly crushes morale. Lead by example: Say “please” and “thank you.” Hold doors for others. Avoid interrupting.
  2. Increase involvement. Invite agents to be more involved in decisions that affect them. Then they’ll support those decisions and be happy about them.
  3. Make play part of work. Include a little appropriate humor in meetings, training and everyday conversations. Leaders who make fun of themselves have strong, motivated followings. Don’t be afraid to pick on your own quirks, nuances and failures.
  4. Surprise everyone. People remember the unexpected. Occasionally surprise agents with rewards, treats and fun events.

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