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Best ways to work with Gen Y agents (and customers)

The youngest population in your contact center might operate differently than others. Here’s how to manage – not change – those differences.

Like generations before, the millennials like to be treated as individuals while in their young working years, says HR expert Robin Barbacane, president of Bluehawk Associates.

To better manage employees in the millennial generation – and deal with customers from that generation, know what’s most important to them.

  • Collaboration. Agents want to work in groups and have their thoughts heard and considered by management. Customers want in on the decisions that affect them.
  • Knowledge of the big picture. Agents need to see how their individual efforts affect the company’s mission. Customers like to know that their purchases mean something to the company.
  • Excitement. Agents like a variety of tasks so they can avoid boredom. Customers want to be enticed with new products and promotions.
  • Freedom. Agents don’t ever want to be micromanaged. They need some freedom deciding how their tasks and goals will be accomplished. Customers don’t want to bound by contracts, rules and policies.

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