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Best ways to transfer calls (without upsetting customers)

Transferring a call can make a customer angry quickly. If agents do it right, it can add to their satisfaction. Here’s how.

In the few situations when agents don’t know the answer and must send customers to another expert, try one of these transfer techniques:

  • Fast and friendly transfer. This is when agents realize almost immediately the customer has dialed a wrong number. Agents want to move customers along before they relay too much detail. Then they stay on the line just long enough to reach the right person and connect the customer.
  • Warm-them-up transfer. In situations, agents make a transfer after they’ve heard the customers’ situation and understand there is someone better qualified to handle. Agents want to introduce customers to the co-worker who can help, briefly explain the situation and get off the line.
  • Live-and-learn transfer. In this case, agents stay on the line as customers work with the co-worker who took the transferred call. It’s a good idea to do this when agents can still contribute some information to the resolution, can learn product knowledge from the other in-house expert for future situations  or want to make sure the situation is resolved and the customer is made happy again.

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