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Best ways to deal with 3 workplace ‘frenemies’

“Frenemies” lurk in every contact center, and you probably have one whether you know it or not.

Frenemies are the people who tell you one thing and change it entirely when you’re out of earshot – whether it’s to hurt your career, cover their butts or just cause some kind of discord.

Here are three of the worst – and the best ways to deal with them in the contact center before they hurt morale.

  • The Politician. She says anything to garner favor with the boss – even if it’s taking credit for something you’ve done. How to handle it: No need to get involved directly with the politician. Just make sure the boss knows what you’ve done before she can take credit for it.
  • The Funeral Director. Everything is gloom and doom for him. He concentrates on what’s wrong. How to handle it: Focus on what’s right and suggest he offer a solution when he complains. Say, “So let’s come up with a plan to fix this.”
  • The Wakeboarder. He relies on others to pull his weight, using natural charm to convince co-workers to do his work while he sails along. How to handle it: Say no. Tell him what your duties are and how his don’t fit into the picture. If that doesn’t work, talk to the boss.

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