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Beef up this one thing and you can significantly cut call volume

Customers will call less if you put more emphasis on this one under-emphasized contact center tool.

It’s time to focus on your frequently asked questions (FAQs) web page. Reason: Customers say they will call for answers 50% of the time, and turn to FAQs 66% of the time, a Forrester Research survey recently found.

But that doesn’t mean they find the answers they need in the FAQs section. Most customers who don’t find what they want, shoot off an email or make a call – costing your contact center more.

Since the majority of customers turn to FAQs first, you want to make sure yours are jam-packed with the information they want.

Follow these steps:

  1. Regularly monitor what questions are asked most. Ask agents formally or informally to keep a tab on the issues they hear most. Work with IT to find out which questions on the FAQ get hit the most.
  2. As issues change, add, subtract or rearrange FAQs to keep up with what customers want most.
  3. Ask friends or colleagues to read through the answers to your FAQs periodically. What makes sense to you may not come across as clearly to others (especially customers). A fresh set of eyes can help you make answers clear and specific.

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