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Customer’s ready to walk: 4 ways to make the save

A customer wants to leave you. Can you save her?

Yes you can – because you’re in the best position to keep customers loyal. As a customer contact pro, you can save the relationship with a win-back plan.

This works:

  1. Create some friction. You don’t want to make it difficult for customers to leave, but you want to make sure you know they’re saying goodbye so you get a chance to keep them in the fold. Require them call you to cancel orders or terminate service.
  2. Dig deeper. When customers ask to leave, ask them why and listen for ways to better meet their needs. If they say it’s price, offer a lower-priced option. If it’s a change in life or work, find out more about the new situation to uncover a way to help them.
  3. Listen. When customers want to leave because they’re angry, let them vent. Paraphrase the problem and find a solution. Resolve it, and check that they’re more than satisfied. That may be enough to keep them as customers.
  4. Find an alternative. Ask customers if there’s something you can do differently to keep them on board. Their demands may not be out of line with what you can do. And they’ll be more than pleased that you went of your way to make them happy.

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