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Avoid unexpected absences: 7 ways to keep staff healthy this season

Avoid unexpected, excessive absences by keeping your contact center staff healthier with these proven ideas.

Before flu season really sets in, help employees stave off illness with these good practices:

  1. Stock the vending machines with healthier snacks such as nuts, granola bars, flavored water and 100% juice.
  2. Provide fruit to boost vitamin consumption.
  3. To get people moving and healthier, hold smaller meetings while walking outside, if possible.
  4. Create a walking/jogging route around your office area that can be covered in a half-hour break. Organize walking groups and keep the route posted.
  5. Encourage employees to get annual physicals.
  6. Work with your benefits coordinator to offer flu shots on site.
  7. Encourage sick people to stay home to avoid the spread of more illness.

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