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Michele McGovern

Michele McGovernMichele's a journalist with decades of experience working for local and national newspapers, business publications and websites.
Her career started at small-town daily newspapers, moved through large city wire services and business journals and landed in the business information publishing market.
She has covered the customer service and sales fields for more than 20 years, writing everything from white papers for upper-level executives to daily online posts for practitioners.
She graduated with a B.A. in Communications from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and often wishes this bio didn't reveal how very long she's been doing this.

Beyond NPS: How to find out what customers really think

If you’ve been using Net Promoter Score to gauge customer satisfaction, you might not be getting the full picture. 

How to write better customer service email

Customers like email. But are yours worth reading? 

2 of the most effective ways to calm upset customers

You can’t improvise when it comes to upset customers. You need a plan in place to cool the situation – and here are two. 

What you need to know about digital marketing (Infographic)

The experience starts the moment customers hear about you – and these days that’s almost always through digital marketing. 

3 keys to become a customer-centric company

Stop imagining and make it happen. “The problem often is none of us have the same shared vision of success with customers,” says Patrick Morrissey, CMO of Altify. “You can reach customer-centricity when everybody understands and works toward the long-term goals.” How do you get there? When you help everyone attain the mindset, skill set […] [MORE]

Happy Customer Service Week! 5 quick ideas to celebrate

Here’s how you can celebrate National Customer Service Week.

6 steps to set (and meet) better customer experience goals

Everyone wants to improve the customer experience, but many don’t know where to start. This guide will help. 

Customer Service Week alert! It’s always a good time to plan

National Customer Service Week happens every year, and we have ideas you can use to get ready.

How to get more customer feedback

Can you do a good job if you only have a third of the information you need to get the job done? Probably not – yet that’s what most companies do every day. 

Want happier customers? Make employees happier first

If you want your customers to be happier, stop trying to make them happy – and start doing more to make employees happy. Researchers say that’s the key to customer bliss.