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Michele McGovern

Michele McGovernMichele's a journalist with decades of experience working for local and national newspapers, business publications and websites.
Her career started at The Kane Republican where she quickly rose to Editor-in-Chief, then moved onto other Pennsylvania newspapers. She covered crime for a news wire that served Southern California and wrote frequently for business journals and newspapers in San Diego.
After joining Progressive Business Publications (the parent company of PBP Media and Customer Experience Insight), she moved into the niche information publishing market.
She has covered the customer service and sales fields for the past 15 years, serving as Managing Editor of the What's Working in Sales Management print newsletter, Editor-in-Chief of The Customer Service Advantage print newsletter, Contributing Editor to The Marketing Report print newsletter and Editor of
Michele has written many white papers for upper-level marketing and sales executives, covering topics such as customer loyalty, sales, customer service skills, morale and employee motivation.
She graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Communications.
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5 ways to boost trust with customers

Trust is the foundation for the next great interaction. So you want trust at the heart of your customer experience. 

How to deal with 4 types of difficult customers

Difficult customers – you struggle to love them, and you definitely can’t leave them. Here’s what you can do. 

Apologize the right way – and customers will love you

You screwed up, and it’s time to apologize. 

What customers really think of your contact center

Customers tell you everything was “fine,” “good” or “great.” But researchers found that’s often not what they really think. 

The customers who need your personal help most

Some customers need your attention more than others – and helping them will ensure your company succeeds. 

Online reviews – the good, bad and illegal

Most customers look at online reviews before they buy these days. Positive reviews are good for you. Negative reviews, not so good. Fake reviews, downright illegal. 

Words that make the customer experience better

The very best phrases fall under what researchers call “advocacy.” They suggest service pros aren’t just doing something customers requested. They’re advocating for the customer they interact with. 

Researchers say you purposely make customer service bad!

Hold on tight, customer experience professionals: New research says you purposely give bad customer service. And it may be right! 

9 skills customer service pros need to sell

Your service professionals – who probably have more contact with existing customers than salespeople – are in the perfect position to help boost revenue. Here’s why, plus how to prepare them to do it. 

How Marketing and Service can improve the customer experience

Marketing and Service work at opposite ends of the most hands-on part of the customer experience: the sale. If the two worked together more consistently, they could take customer satisfaction to a higher level.