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Michele McGovern

Michele McGovernMichele's a journalist with decades of experience working for local and national newspapers, business publications and websites.
Her career started at small-town daily newspapers, moved through large city wire services and business journals and landed in the business information publishing market.
She has covered the customer service and sales fields for more than 20 years, writing everything from white papers for upper-level executives to daily online posts for practitioners.
She graduated with a B.A. in Communications from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and often wishes this bio didn't reveal how very long she's been doing this.

Happy customers spread the word: Here’s how to help them do it

Almost 70% of customers who’ve had a positive customer experience would recommend you to others, according to research compiled by Groove. They’re ready and willing to give you a shout out in social media, talk about you at dinner with friends, text their co-workers or even call their mother to say you’re great. Problem is, most […] [MORE]

How COVID-19 changed customer service – and what you should do now

B2B customers’ buying habits and interaction expectations changed quickly in the face of COVID-19. Here’s what they expect now – and how customer experience professionals will want to respond. 

4 best practices to balance technology and the human touch

What’s more important to the customer experience – the latest technology or the human touch? 

Customers aren’t spending – but the experience still counts

While you likely still support customers in a crisis like the coronoavirus, your customers probably won’t buy as much because of professional and personal uncertainty. But how you treat them every day and the value you deliver now will make a difference in the long run. Here are six things you can do now to […] [MORE]

How to keep the customer experience exceptional through COVID-19

Your customer experience may be different through the coronavirus pandemic, but it doesn’t have to be worse. Here’s help to sustain a great experience for your customers. 

9 effective health and safety practices for CX employees onsite

More than half of customer service and customer experience professionals need to work onsite with each other through the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s how to help keep them safe. 

COVID-19 just made customer service work a lot harder: Here’s help to keep up morale

While many employees are working less because of COVID-19, customer service professionals are working harder than ever. Their hours are longer. The demand is complex and draining. 

7 essential customer service skills – and how to improve them

Customer service leaders usually look for these skills when hiring. Even when they hire them, they’ll want to help employees improve the skills. Our friends at Groove have gathered data on the seven most critical skills for customer service professionals – and we’re sharing tips on how to hone each. 1. Empathy Empathy is critical […] [MORE]

5 customers you need to fire

Most customers are great. Some are OK. A few are tolerable. And even fewer need to go. Here are the five customers you need to fire – and how to do it tactfully. 

How to help customers in a crisis

In a crisis, customers are on edge more than ever. It’s even harder to keep them satisfied. But these tips will help.