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Michele McGovern

Michele McGovernMichele's a journalist with decades of experience working for local and national newspapers, business publications and websites.
Her career started at small-town daily newspapers, moved through large city wire services and business journals and landed in the business information publishing market.
She has covered the customer service and sales fields for more than 20 years, writing everything from white papers for upper-level executives to daily online posts for practitioners.
She graduated with a B.A. in Communications from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and often wishes this bio didn't reveal how very long she's been doing this.

Why customers don’t ask for help when they should

Remember that last disaster a customer brought to you? If only he’d asked for help sooner, you could’ve prevented it, right?! Here’s why customers don’t ask for help when they should – and how you can get them to speak up sooner. 

COVID aftermath: 6 shifts in customer expectations

We’ve all changed since COVID-19. And research has just nailed down how customer expectations shifted as a result of the coronavirus. Here’s what you need to know and do now. 

4 keys to consistent communication that keeps customers engaged

Customers get mixed messages – one from Sales, something different from Marketing and another from Service – and that interferes with a great experience. Here’s how to keep messages consistent and customers engaged. 

How customers have changed – and how you want to respond

The world recoiled from doing business in the midst of the coronavirus. Now you need to get back to business – and reengage your customers. Here’s expert advice on how to do it. 

How to build your new normal customer experience

Everything is different in the post-COVID-19 world. Your customer experience will have to be, too.  

4 ways to make your CX team a cross-functional team

While multi-tasking can be a detriment to the customer experience, “multi-skilling” will be an improvement. Here’s why – and how – you want to cross-train customer service pros. 

How to sweeten the customer experience – even when we social distance

So, you can’t interact with customers these days. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the customer experience feel intimate. Here’s how to sweeten the experience while social distancing. 

Worst things you can say to customers post-pandemic

The coronavirus has disrupted enough as is. You don’t need a coronavirus faux pas to disrupt any customer experience going forward. So be careful what you say. 

3 keys to help your remote CX employees thrive

Can your customer experience be better from home? With more CX professionals working from home these days, it has to be. 

Happy customers spread the word: Here’s how to help them do it

Almost 70% of customers who’ve had a positive customer experience would recommend you to others, according to research compiled by Groove. They’re ready and willing to give you a shout out in social media, talk about you at dinner with friends, text their co-workers or even call their mother to say you’re great. Problem is, most […] [MORE]