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10 Common Barriers to Understanding the Customer Journey

Many marketers are trying to better understand the customer journey. However, factors such as a lack of data and system integrations, breakdowns in process, misguided focus, and inattention to key aspects of the buyer experience are preventing them from doing so. Learn how you can overcome these challenges and many others to deliver a better […] [MORE]

10 Key Marketing Trends for 2017

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day, it’s getting harder to separate the signals from the noise and discern the insights from the hindsight. Discover 10 key trends that will shape marketing in 2017 and get ideas for deepening customer connections, growing brand value and fueling strategic growth. Learn more! 

The New Frontier for Personalized Customer Experience

Download this paper to learn how IBM can help with its Predictive Customer Intelligence solution to create personalized, relevant experiences for individual customers with a focus on driving new revenue. Learn more! 

Is the Customer Really Always Right?

No, the customer isn’t always right. Take a look at how you can train your Contact Center Agents to say no without upsetting the customer. Learn more! 

The Omnichannel Customer Engagement Playbook

Customers are using digital and voice channels, sometimes simultaneously. The average contact center today has nine communication channels. While customers appreciate having multiple channels to choose from, they expect seamless experiences as they navigate between them. This playbook discusses omnichannel customer engagement requirements for mid-size and large contact center environments, from 250 to 5000+ seats. […] [MORE]

How to Get More Out Of Online Meetings

While Executives feel meetings are key to strengthening customer relationships, meetings do not have to be in-person. Online meetings provide the flexibility for both sales and clients. In this infographic, learn the value of online meetings.  Learn more!  

The Performance Advertiser’s Guide to Instagram

Due to hundreds of millions of active daily users, Instagram is becoming a key component in every cross-device marketing strategy. To help you reach and engage a wider audience, we put together The Performance Advertiser’s Guide to Instagram. Learn more! 

Customer Journey Mapping in the Contact Center

Customer journey mapping in the contact center is essential to understand how the customer experience is built at every touchpoint. If we want to create a differentiated, effortless experience for the customer, it’s vital that we understand their journey – and that we understand it from their perspective. Learn more! 

Happy Customers, Successful Companies

This eBook will serve as your guide to building a world-class distributed customer support team. Learn more! 

How to Build Great Customer Journeys

Your customers are on a journey. Every interaction with your company informs the quality of that journey. Do you want great customers? If so, you need to create excellent customer journeys. This means better, more consistent and contextual experiences with enhanced value across all touch points. Customers will reward that kind of seamless experience with brand loyalty. Download this […] [MORE]