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Show me the leads! Small biz says social media won’t deliver

When it comes to generating valuable business leads, small business execs have not drunk the social networking Kool-Aid. Very few say it’s

6 ways to get more out of e-mail for less

E-mail marketing is mainstream, with 46% of small businesses using it and 36% planning to start within the next 12 months. Yet few are satisfied

The art of apologizing to angry customers

Let’s face it, bad stuff happens to good companies. Online and off. Stuff that makes your best customers think twice about buying from your company. Stuff that makes you groan with embarrassment, squirm with discomfort and rue the day … But how you recover can do more for your reputation than all the ads in […] [MORE]

20 big companies with a big chance of going bust

In normal times, you’d probably love to land a contract with a big company with a well-recognized name like CBS, Hertz or Goodyear, but right now, watch out:

C-level blog shows how to build sales without tech smarts

Don’t think you can blog? Think again. You don’t need to know about blogging. All you need to do is do what you do well. Talk. Think. Reflect. All the things that most C-level execs can do in their sleep.

How to ruin a reputation in four days on YouTube

If you haven’t seen this attack video yet, you will soon. In fact, you may want to show it to your service reps as a warning of what can go wrong if you don’t treat customers with respect.

Why cheaper is often better when it comes to online leads

Why are so many companies shifting marketing resources online? Because very low-cost lead generation tactics, like search engine optimization (SEO), deliver high quality leads at virtually no cost.