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Tapping into 5 emotions that guide customers’ buying decisions

Here are five of the most common emotions that guide prospects’ buying decisions, along with some creative ways for salespeople to tap into each one: 

Your company making this fatal planning flaw?

For decades, companies have insisted upon forecasting as a method of planning for almost every department. New research reveals that could be costing companies more than it’s earning them. 

4 key metrics to determine your sales potential

Can sales be improved? How do I do it?  With that in mind, here are four quantifiable measures any manager can use to uncover hidden opportunities and boost the bottom line:

6 keys to success in a buyer’s market

A marketing expert and scholar breaks down the keys to success in a buyer’s marketplace. 

High-risk sales models that get results

Determining which sales model makes the most sense for your business is a little like trying to balance a scale – every change you make on one side is bound to have an impact on the other. 

3 proven factors that boost email response rates

The first challenge is getting prospects to open your email messages. The next is ensuring that they read your copy and, eventually, click through. 

Overcome the biggest obstacles to closing

New research confirms in the majority of cases, when there’s a significant lapse in closing rates, it’s not them … it’s you. 

Poor sales leads: They cost you more than you think

Every manager knows cost-effective leads are one of the keys to maximizing profit margins. But research proves poor lead management could be costing your company a lot more than hot prospects. 

Using the ‘4 O’s’ to get an edge on competitors

Four easy-to-remember keys can help your salespeople trump the competition. 

5 potential holes in your sales-management strategy

When consultants are called in to evaluate sales-management strategy, here’s what they look at first.